With our Company Exports, Workpop offers a simple and on-demand way to remove all your employee and applicant data. 

The Employee, Documents, and Applications Exports will provide you with all employee data, EEO information, onboarding documents, and application data. Exports can be requested at any time and multiple times. All exports can be found under the Company Icon from your home page, on the left side navigation pane, and you will find step-by-step directions below! 

Note: If you do not see the Exports listed, contact your Workpop account owner. They need to provide you full access via Permission for you to access Exports.   

To access Exports:

  1. Log into your Workpop Account
  2. Navigate to the Company Icon from your home page 
  3. Select which Export you need from the left side navigation pane 

Employee Export

This export contains employee EEO information, start date, contact information, emergency contact info., etc. Once the export is requested, a link to a CSV file will appear for you to download directly to your computer. We recommend including archived employees and selecting all data fields to capture all employee data.  

Note: Employee Exports are only available to Employer accounts who previously used Onboarding. 

To Run the Export:

  1. Click on the Company Icon > Employee Export  
  2. Choose which filters you would like to apply by checking the box next to the listed information 
    Recommended: Click the Select All and slide the toggle to the right to Include Archived Employees
  3. Select Export
  4. Click the blue hyperlink titled Download Employee List 
    Note: The time the link will expire will be listed next to it 
  5. A CSV file will download to your computer
  6. Open the CSV file and save it to the desired location on your computer  

Documents Export 

This export contains all employee documents issued and stored in Workpop Once the export is requested, you will receive secured email for each of your locations to the email address listed on your Workpop profile Please be aware, if the files are too large, they may be split into multiple emails.  

Note: Documents Exports are only available to Employer accounts who previously used Onboarding.  

To Run the Export:  

  1. Click on the Company Icon Documents Export  
  2. Click Export 
  3. Check your email for an email from Workpop indicating your download is ready 
  4. Open the email and select ‘Download’ 
  5. A zip file will begin to download on your computer and will be titled by location 
  6. After downloaded, click on the file to open it 
  7. Select “Extract All” and choose where to store your files 
  8. Open the location folder to access documents sorted by Employee 
  9. Double-click into a folder to access all Employee documents (PDF Format)  

Applications Export 

The Applications Export provides all applicant data, and any collected resumes during your time using WorkpopOnce the export is requested, a link to a zipped CSV file folder will appear for you to download directly to your computer. There will be two CSV reports, one title Applications, and one titled Candidates. 

To Run the Export: 

  1. Click on the Company Icon > Applications Export  
  2. Click Export 
  3. Click the clue hyperlink titled ‘Download Archive’ 
  4. A zip file will download to your computer - open the file 
  5. Select ‘Extract All’ and save the file folder to a desired space on your computer 
  6. Two CSV files titled ‘Applications’ and ‘Candidates’ will be in the file