Workpop partners with Checkr so that our clients can seamlessly issue background checks to new hires during onboarding.

If your new hire reports that they never received or can't see your request to complete a background check, there are a few things you can review to make sure that the request/invitation is sent.

  1. Confirm that they have completed their Employee details
    Tasks will not show until they have confirmed their personal information. Once saved, they'll see additional tasks.
  2. Have the new hire confirm their birthday
    It's likely they are a minor or typo'd their birthday. We will NOT issue background checks to minors.
  3. Confirm that they have not already been issued a background check via your Checkr Dashboard.
    By default, Checkr only allows for 1 check per SSN every 30 days (to prevent accidental double billing). Reach out to to change this setting.
  4. Confirm that a background check was issued to the employee
    Review documents that were issued to confirm the task was sent.
    Warning: Background checks can ONLY be issued to new hires during onboarding. They can not be issued to active employees via Workpop.

If you're still unable to view the background check, please reach out to