Using the Onboarding Claim Link and Updating Your Employee Information

If your employer uses Workpop for onboarding, it's extremely important that your name and contact information are correct.

Employer's do NOT have the ability to edit your personal information on Workpop.  So if there was an error in your information (like a typo) or there have been updates, it's your responsibility to ensure your information is accurate. 


To update your Employment Information:

This is for your paperwork/documents 

  1. Log into your Workpop account
    • You may need to use the Onboarding Link your employer sent you if your original email address was incorrect.
  2. Click on the Verify My Information task
    • Or the Edit My Personal Information if you have already submitted your information
  3. Update your employment profile details, be sure to correct any errors.
    • Double check your name, phone number, and email
  4. Save the information


To update your login/account information:

  1. Log into your Workpop account
  2. Click on your name to expose a menu
  3. Select My Profile
  4. Click Edit on My Account
  5. Enter Info
  6. Save