Complete New Hire Paperwork

Congratulations, you’re hired!  Your employer has the option of sending your new hire paperwork to you via Workpop.

Each employer has their own unique set of paperwork, but the process will be the same for everyone.

You’ll get an email alert letting you know that you have a new task (your new hire paperwork!) to complete.


 Completing Employer Tasks

To complete your paperwork, you can click on the Complete Tasks link within the email, or you can follow these steps:

  1. Once logged into your account, click My HR Portal at the top left of the page.
  2. You’ll see the documents you need to read and/or sign.
  3. Complete each document in the checklist.
  4. For documents requiring a signature, click on Start to select your signature and digitally sign the documents.  This is a legally accepted signature. Click Finish when completed.
  5. Once you have completed all of the documents, you’re all set.


Make sure the information you enter is accurate.  It will be used for your employee records/payroll.

If you need to change any contact information in the future or if your employer issues additional documents, you can access them in the My HR Portal tab of your account.


Completing Employee Checklist

Once you have signed your HR documents, you will then need to setup your Employee Profile. You'll be presented with a checklist that you must complete before your onboarding is considered complete. Tasks can include:

  • Viewing a Welcome Letter
  • Viewing an Employee Handbook
  • Setting up an Employee Profile
  • Setting up banking information
  • Completing the EEO-1 Survey
  • Completing the I-9 and uploading identification
  • Completing the W-4


Some of the tasks may require you to upload documentation, including photos of your identification. You can scan and upload these files, or if completing onboarding on your smartphone, use your phone's camera.

Once a task is complete, it is updated with a check-mark. The screen then updates to let you view your employment details. You can view and update your employee record anytime here.


If you are experiencing problems completing your new hire paperwork online, please contact: