How to Assign Permissions

Easily control your team’s access to Workpop with our Role Based Permissions System.


From your Home Dashboard:

  1. Click on the Company Icon
    You’ll be taken to the Company Settings Page
  2. Click on Permissions
    You’ll see a list of all Account Users


    If you are assigning permissions to an existing user, click on that user and skip to step 5

  3. Click the Add New User button in the top right corner of the screen
    You’ll be taken to a page to select or add a new user
  4. Select an existing employee from the drop down or Invite New User
    The permissions settings will appear


    You’ll see a screen to add their contact details and invite them to Workpop if they are a new user. If they are an existing user, info from their employment (info found in employees section) will be used.

  5. Select the Account Role from the dropdown
    You’ll be shown the permissions options appropriate for the role.


    Check out the Permissions overview if you aren’t sure which role to assign to a user. As a rule of thumb, if they need access to onboarding, they must be an administrator.

  6. Select any optional Permissions for administrators (if applicable).
    If you assign all locations, including future locations the Locations list will disappear


    In order to assign the permission to Allow admin to manage locations, departments, company information to other users you must have that permission.

  7. Chose the locations you want the user to have access to by clicking on the state.
    You’ll see all locations within that state
  8. Select the locations you want the user to have access to, by default all optional Manager settings will be selected.
    A blue checkmark will appear to designate that you’ve added them to this location.


    If you’d like to adjust the Manager optional settings, click on the V on the location and select the appropriate permissions.

  9. Select the Update button once you have selected all permissions
    The permissions updates will submit


    If you are updating permissions at several (50+) locations, it can take a few minutes for the updates to apply.  You’ll know the process is completed once you are taken back to your account