Auto-fill Error: Employee Documents with Wrong or Incorrect Name/Email

Adding new hires to Workpop is a quick process with our easy to complete New Hire Form.

However, since it is a form, often times your browser will pre-fill or overwrite details when you use the auto-fill feature. Since this is a feature of your browser, not Workpop, our team cannot configure/update this for you.

Check out this video for a quick example of what tends to happen:


Learn how to turn off autofill here: 

Chrome | Edge | Firefox | Internet Explorer


Note the difference in the Workpop dropdown (which has a down arrow):



and the browser auto-fill (no arrow in this field):


As you'll see in the video, if you select something from the auto-fill, it will often overwrite other details on the new hire form.

This is why your employee has incorrect information. 

If you notice prior to issuing documents, you can easily go back and edit the form.

How to Correct an Incorrect Name or Email

However, if you issue documents to the employee with an incorrect name/email, you have a few options:

  1. Have the employee log into Workpop and update their name by completing their Employee Details Task. Once saved you can revoke their hire and begin again or cancel and re-issue their documents.
    • This is the best option if the employee can log into their workpop account.
  2. Revoke the employment and start from scratch
    • This will ONLY work if you also sent to the incorrect email address, otherwise, the wrong name is "locked" to their account until option 1 is completed
  3. Issue documents to a different email address with correct info
    • This should be a last resort and only used if the employee can not log into Workpop.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at