Keys to Success: How to make the most of your 10-day trial

The Workpop Team wants you to be successful during your trial, so we've created see our Keys to Success to guide you through some of the most impactful customizations you can make to your account. You can review the keys at any time during your trial by clicking on the link in your trial count down timer or via this article.



The reward for completing the keys to success (10% off your next month's subscription) is only available during your trial.

For a quick overview of how simple it is to complete the Keys to Success, check out the video below:

Post A Second Job

  • You get unlimited job posts with each location so take advantage and post another job.
  • We recommend posting a separate job for each position instead of grouping multiple job titles together.
  • Don't have another job to post for? You can skip below and you'll still be eligible to claim your reward.

Invite A Team Member

  • Streamline your hiring process by inviting teammates to help review and message applicants.
  • You can manage each teammate's permission level to make sure the right manager sees the right jobs.*
  • Easily collaborate during the hiring process with candidate notes and ratings.

Build Your Careers Site

  • Customize your own Careers Site with a logo, cover image and About Us sections.*
  • Link your Careers Site to your company's webpage to show your open jobs to your best potential employees - your customers.
  • Changes made to your jobs are reflected in real time on your Career Site.

Set Up A Brand Profile

  • Increase applications and showcase your brand by adding a logo, cover photo, about us section and additional photos to your job posts.
  • Easily manage the brand elements on each of your jobs, making sure each position is marketed the right way.
  • Ensure candidates get a feel for what makes your brand unique and stand out from the competition.

Set Up Screening Questions

  • Customize your application with screening questions, making sure you get the answers you need to make the right hiring decisions.
  • Save time reviewing applicants by assigning scores to answers, or automatically decline applicants who don't meet your requirements.
  • Choose whether you want candidates to provide their schedule availability or a cover letter along with their application.

Download The Mobile App

  • Download our best in class app so that you can manage your hiring process wherever you work.
  • Review, filter, search and message candidates on both iOS and Android.
  • Manage your jobs from the app and ensure your critical positions are always live when you need them to be.

Message A Candidate

  • Utilize Workpop’s powerful messaging platform to reduce inbox clutter and keep all of your hiring communications in one place.
  • Each message sent on Workpop is also sent to the candidate via text and email to maximize response rate.
  • Select multiple candidates and use bulk messaging to speed up your review process.

Add A Second Location

  • Workpop easily scales to match your hiring needs. Post unlimited jobs at each of your locations.
  • Workpop’s permissions system allows you to assign managers to one or multiple locations.*
  • Easily transfer applications between locations so that the right applicants get in front of the right managers.

Spark A Job

  • Increase your candidate volume by adding Sparks to your jobs.
  • Sparks post your jobs to paid only sites like CareerBuilder and Monster and increase traffic from our partners.
  • Sparks increase your paid recruiting efficiency and increase your reach by optimizing budget across dozens of sites.

Happy Hiring! Don't hesitate to reach out to us at for any additional questions.