How to Edit Permissions

Sometimes Workpop users will transfer locations, you can easily update their permissions at any time.


If you are using a shared inbox for permissions (ie do NOT remove permissions when there is a change of leadership/users at that location. Instead, send a password reset to the email address and have the new user create a different password. They MUST also change the name on their account (see here for instructions) to ensure digital documents have the correct username and signature.

From your Home Dashboard:

          1. Click on the Company Icon
            You’ll be taken to the Company Settings Page
          2. Click on Manage Permissions
            You’ll see a list of all Account Users
          3. Click on the user that you would like to update permissions on
            You’ll be taken to their permissions page
          4. Unselect any permissions/locations that you’d like to remove and select any new positions that you’d like to add.
            The blue check marks will update to indicate the changes you’ve made.
          5. Select the Update button once you have updated all permissions


            If you are updating permissions at several (50+) locations, it can take a few minutes for the updates to apply.  You’ll know the process is completed once you are taken back to your account.


To remove permissions see the article here.