If you are a part of our Professional or Enterprise tiers, you can use Workpop to send digital documents to your new hires or existing employees.

Issue Documents to New Employees

  1. Log into Workpop, and find the candidate that you'd like to hire.
  2. Click the  Hire Button and fill out the New Hire Form


    The details that you type into the New Hire Form will be used to fill fields of some of the New Hire Documents. Please be sure that the information you enter is accurate, as these are legal documents.

  3. On the next page, you will see the list of documents that are available to you to issue to the new hire.


  4. Click the Include  button next to each document that you want to send, or click Include All to send all documents on the page to the New Hire. 
  5. Click  Send  to trigger an email to the New Hire that will bring them back to Workpop to complete their Employment Documents.


Employees MUST complete documents within 6 months (subject to change) of issuance. As documents will expire. If the candidate can not load/sign a document and you issued it more than a month ago, we recommend canceling and reissuing the document.