Easy Application Process

Convert candidates with a frictionless application process.

Make applying easier than ever.

Surprise and delight candidates with an incredibly intuitive and simple application process. Maximize submissions by collecting only the most critical information up front.


Take a glimpse into the candidate process by checking out how to apply on Workpop.

Speed up the process with resume parsing technology.

Candidates can upload a resume that they already have created -- Workpop’s technology parses it and converts it to our standard application format in seconds. Hiring managers view all applications in this structured format, speeding up the time it takes to find info and make decisions.

Encourage personalization with videos and cover letters.

With Workpop’s video intros, candidates can show off their personalities from the very start. These optional videos give hiring managers a glimpse of a candidate’s cultural fit and professionalism, especially for roles that are customer-facing. Optional written cover letters are also available for candidates to personalize their application.

Easily see and check references directly from the application view.

Applicants can optionally add references directly on their application, with names, titles and contact information, making it easy for hiring managers to get in touch with them. Plus, these references become part of the Workpop network, helping to grow the number of passive candidates that see your jobs.