Users on our Professional and Enterprise plans can manage their employee onboarding process on Workpop.

Start Onboarding New Hires

Via Candidate Review

  1. Click the Hire button

Screen_Shot_2019-05-02_at_1.12.28_PM.png Via New Hire Form
If they didn’t apply via Workpop

  1. Click on New Hires icon
  2. Click Add New Hire button

Completing Onboarding Information

Once you click the add new hire/hire button, you'll be taken to the employee draft or New Hire Form. They collect the same information. The only difference is that the employee draft form is linked to the Workpop application. You can NOT edit any of the employee's details.

Via the New Hire/Employee Draft Form


    1. Verify or enter Contact Information
      • LEGAL First Name
      • LEGAL Last Name
      • Email
      • Phone


Confirm all employee details are correct.

You can NOT correct their name, email, or phone once you’ve passed this page.

If the applicant applied with incorrect information, they will need to update their info prior to you issuing documents. 

  1. Enter Job Details
    Dropdowns will display all company information, be sure to select the appropriate options
    Workpop Field
    Legal Hiring Employer
    Effective Start Date
    Alternate Title (optional)
    Employment Type
    Employee Status
    Workplace Location
    Workplace Department
    Reports To
    Benefits Seniority Date (optional)
  2. Enter Compensation Details
  3. Enter CA Required Information
    • If employment type is non-exempt, this will automatically appear 
    • This corresponds directly to the CA Non-Exempt Notice
    • Your HR team can confirm the details if you are unsure of what to select
  4. Double check the information entered


    Confirm that the new hire’s contact info is accurate after completing this section.

    Most browsers offer an auto-fill setting by default. If the hiring manager selects a name in the Reports TO field, many times it will over-write employee data, resulting in invalid forms. If this happens, you can read more here.

  5. Click Submit 

Issuing Documents/Tasks to Your New Hire

Once you click the submit button you will be taken to the New Hire Confirmation Page. This is where you will select which documents to send your new hires.

  1. Click Include All Screen_Shot_2019-05-02_at_5.56.54_PM.png
    • The correct documents based on the employee’s details will load
    • Be sure to de-select (by clicking on it) any documents that you do not wish to issue to the employee
  2. Click Send (or Sign and Send if you issued signable documents)
  3. Sign any appropriate forms
    • The employee will be notified via email and text (if they provided a mobile number) they have tasks to complete once you finish

Tracking Onboarding Progress

Review where your new hires are in the onboarding process.

  1. Click New Hires
  2. Select the status you’d like to review
  1. New Hires - Manager to start onboarding
  2. In Progress - New Hire needs to complete onboarding
  3. Review and Finalize - Manager needs to complete onboarding
  4. Number of new people in that stage

Managing In Progress New Hires

Tracking progress and ensuring that employees are completing tasks in a timely manner.

  1. Click (...) to see the menu
  2. View Application
    • If the employee applied via Workpop, you can review the application they submitted/you clicked hire on
  3. Message - Send the Employee an email
    • This will not show up in your messages
    • This sends an email from you (with your email address)
  4. Nudge - Workpop sends a reminder email to the employee
  5. Get Onboarding Link

    Click this if the employee claims to never have received the email from Workpop
    • This will copy their unique login link
    • Send this link to them
    • Paste into Workpop Message or send via email
  6. Issue Documents - Access/Review Documents issued to the New Hire
    • You can quickly view which documents the new hire has and has not completed
    • You can cancel tasks/documents via this option as well
    • You can issue additional tasks via this option
  7. Revoke Hire
    • Use this if someone has withdrawn or if you have decided against hiring
    • It removes them from onboarding on Workpop


    This can NOT be undone!

Activating the Employee on Workpop

  1. From your Home Dashboard, Click New Hires
    You’ll be taken to the New Hires pageScreen_Shot_2019-05-06_at_10.53.16_AM.png
  2. Click Review and Finalize to see all employees that have completed their new hire tasks.
  3. Click on the employee you need to finalize
    • You’ll be taken to their task review page
    • You’ll see a list of all the documents they have completed
    • Click on the paperclip icon to review the completed document
  4. Click Complete I-9 and Finalize to begin
    • This step can ONLY begin if the employee has brought in the required I-9 verification documentation.
    • If the employee has not brought in their documents, click Cancel to finalize at another time.
  5. Review the employee’s contact information
    • This information was used to help populate the employee’s I-9 document - if anything is incorrect, select the Reissue button.
    • If everything is correct, select Continue.
  6. Begin document verification


    Workpop's I9 process makes it easy to stay compliant by ensuring that the correct combination of documents and required information are collected. For example, you can only collect a List A OR List B/C documents. You can not submit two B documents. We also will require additional numbers (ie alien registration number) if appropriate.

    Required fields are denoted by a pink *

    The information required is dependant upon the type of document selected

    Select the document type that the employee has brought in and input the required information. The required information will vary based on the document selected.

    List A Documents
    If the employee has brought in a List A document, select the box next to that item. You’ll then be asked to input some information about the document.

    If a List A document is NOT presented, select None of the Above

    List B & C Documents
    If no List A document was presented, you’ll be required to select both a List B and a List C document.


    Photos uploaded to the I9 Finalization process are NOT accessible. You can upload photos here, but you will not be able to view them. It is recommended that you skip this process.
  7. Verify the document information entered is correct, and click Continue
    You’ll be taken to a page with the completed I-9, and prompted to sign.
  8. Verify and sign the I-9 form - click Continue to get started
  9. Click Start to be taken to the employer verification portion of the I-9, and the signature line.
  10. Review the information on this page. If everything is correct, click Sign.
  11. Click Finish at the top of the page.


You've completed onboarding and your employee has been activated!