Completing the employer section of the Form I9

At Workpop, we want the hiring and onboarding process to be as smooth as possible. Our I-9 finalization process is unique, to help ensure both compliance and ease of use. We’ve designed our I-9 to help ensure you’re always compliant with USCIS requirements.

When an employee has completed their onboarding documents, you’ll have the opportunity to review all documents and will be asked to finalize their I-9 document. To get started, you can follow these steps:


Employees should be finalized on their orientation day, when they’ve brought in their I-9 identifying documents for review. A list of documents acceptable for I-9 employee eligibility verification can be found here.

From your Home Dashboard:

  1. Click the New Hires icon
  2. Click Review and Finalize
  3. Select the employee you’d like to finalize
  4. Select Complete I-9 and Finalize
  5. Review the employee’s contact information.
      • This information was used to help populate their I-9 document - if anything is incorrect, select the Reissue button.
      • If everything is correct, select Continue

  6. Begin document verification. If the employee has brought in a List A document select the box next to that item. You’ll then be asked to input some information about the document. If no List A document is presented, check None of the Above.

  7. Click Continue
  8. If no List A document was presented, you’ll be asked to select a List B and a List C document. Select which List B document the employee brought in.


    If the employee did not bring in a List A document, they must bring in both a List B AND a List C document. If they have not done so, the I-9 cannot be finalized until the appropriate documentation is presented.

  9. Depending on which List B document has been presented, you’ll be asked for certain details of that document. Red asterisks indicate which details are required. You’ll also have the option to upload an image of the document for future internal reference.


    If you utilize E-verify to verify employment eligibility, the List B document presented must have a photo of the employee. E-verify only accepts photo identification for this document type.


  10. Repeat this process for the presented List C document. Select the document type, and input the required information. You’ll again have the option to upload an image of the document for reference.

  11. Verify that everything entered is correct, and click Continue.
  12. Verify and sign the I-9 form. To get started, click the pink Continue button.

  13. Click the pink Start button to be taken to the employer verification portion of the I-9, and the signature line.

  14. Review the I-9 information on this page. If everything is correct, click Sign.
  15. Click Finish at the top of the page

  16. You’re all set!