Workpop’s Custom Application Questions allow you to pre-screen candidates to quickly determine how good of a fit they are. Adding questions to your application process allows you to request the information you need from candidates upfront, to help you make a great hiring decision. You can ask a variety of questions, ranging in style from multiple choice to long form text.

Creating a Custom Questionnaire

From the My Jobs page

  1. Select the job posting you’d like to add the questionnaire to
  2. Select Screening Questions


  3. Select Add Text if you’d like to add a text field for candidates to read



    You have the option to require candidate acknowledgment that they've read the text

  4. Select Add Question if you’d like to add a question or prompt
  5. Enter your question, then select the answer type you’d like
  6. Select whether this question is required


  7. Select whether you'd like this to be a knockout question, and what answer should automatically disqualify a candidate.
  8. Click Save
  9. Turn the Application Questions toggle to “On”


Use Auto Decline questions to weed out candidates that would not be eligible for your position, without having to review their applications. Our system will automatically move their application to your declined folder and notify the candidate after 24 hours (using the job owner's saved decline message) so they don't feel like they were declined without review.


Types of Custom Questions

There are a variety of questions that can be added to your custom questionnaire:

Short Form Text

  • Short form text allows you to ask simple questions that prompt a short response, for instance asking the candidate how they heard about the job.
      • How did you hear about our job? If you were referred by a current employee, please provide their name.

 Long Form Text

  • Long form text gives you the opportunity to get a detailed, written response from the applicant. You can ask questions such as what their previous work responsibilities entailed, why they’d like to work for your company, etc.
      • Why would you like to work for Workpop?

 Boolean (A or B)

  • Boolean questions give the candidate two responses to choose from - these are typically Yes/No or True/False questions.
      • Are you 18 years of age or older?

 Multiple Choice

  • With multiple choice questions you can create a quiz-like survey for your applicants.
      • What type of work schedule are you interested in? 
        • Full Time
        • Part Time
        • Seasonal/Temporary
        • Any/All

 Check Boxes

  • Check Boxes allow you to ask a question in which the applicant might select multiple answers.
      • Please select the programs you are familiar with
        • Microsoft Word
        • Microsoft Excel
        • Adobe Photoshop
        • Gmail


  • This question form allows you to ask something that prompts a numerical response.
      • How many years of university or community college have you attended?


  • This type of question allows you to prompt a response involving currency.
      • What is your expected salary range for this position?


  • This question form allows you prompt a dated response, whether it be past, present or future.
      • What date are you available to begin working?


Saving and Loading Templates

If you have the same or similar screening process for multiple positions, you can load a saved screening questions template to quickly get this process added to other job postings. Our Templates feature allows you to save what you’ve set up for one job and easily apply to another.


You can load an existing template for a new job posting, and make any updates needed to best suit that job.

To save a template to use on other postings, you can follow these steps:

        1. Follow the steps above to create your custom application questions. Once you’ve created a set up to suit your needs, select the Save Template button at the top of the page and name your new template.
        2. On the job post you’d like to add your template to, click the Load Template button at the top of the Screening Questions page, then select which of your templates you’d like to add to that post.
        3. Click the green Load button
        4. Turn On the items you’d like included in your application process - WOTC Screening, Schedule availability, and/or your Application Questions.


You can save as many templates as needed. Try naming the templates according to your needs (IE “Hourly Employees”) for future reference.

Managing Templates

 If you no longer need to utilize certain screening question templates, you have the option to delete them. To do so, you can follow these steps:

  1. From your My Jobs page, click the three dot button on any posting
  2. Select "Screening Questions" from the drop down menu


  3. Click "Load Template"


  4. Here, you'll see a list of all your existing screening question templates. Click the trash can icon next to the template you'd like to delete