You can contact top applicants BEFORE they get hired by your competition with Workpop’s easy messaging system.

With Workpop, you can contact candidates via phone, email, or our collaborative messaging system.


We recommend using Workpop’s messaging system because applicants will be notified 3 ways, via email, text message, and Workpop message notification, so you’ll be sure to reach them.

You can chat back-and-forth easily, or send a message and get notified whenever the person responds later.


Only hiring managers can initiate contact with applicants, but they can respond as needed, unless they are declined at any point.

When you’re ready to learn more an applicant, initiate a conversation via the Message button.


You can find the Message button:

  1. On the Applications List Page
    • This is generally used when messaging candidates in bulk
  2. On each application

From the applicants list:

  1. Click on the candidate’s application
  2. Select the blue Message button
      • A chat window will pop up from right of the screen
  • Type your message
  • Click the Send button when you’re ready to contact the applicant
        • Your message is sent to the applicant and they will be notified by email and SMS


    The check box titled “Press enter to send” in the message box is a general messaging option.  Check the box if you want to send the message when you press the enter key.  If you would like for the enter key to skip to the next line of text, leave this box unchecked.

    Bulk Messaging

    It’s easy to set up interviews and send the same initial message to dozens of applicants simultaneously. Continue personalized one-on-one conversations after each individual’s response. Bulk Messages are "one to one" messages, so candidates will not see the distribution list and will not be able to message, or see messages from, other candidates.


    To send a Bulk Message

    From the Application List Page:

    1. Select the checkbox to the left of each user that you’d like to send the same message to
        • A blue checkbox will appear next to their name
  • Click the blue Message button
        • The message window will open to the right of your screen
  • Compose your message
  • Click the Send button to send your message to multiple recipients
        • A confirmation message will appear at the top of your screen


    After sending, the panel will close. Rest assured the messages were sent! To view the individual conversations, click on the envelope icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen to access your message center.

    View a candidate’s previous application history at your company.

    With Workpop’s messaging system, you can easily see any previous communications between an applicant and any of your company’s hiring managers at any location by clicking into their previous applications -- especially helpful for checking into why someone was or was NOT hired.

    Managing your Messages

    Simply click the envelope icon to access your message center.  This is where all your messages will be stored. A counter keeps track of how many new messages are waiting for your review.


    You can continue conversations that you’ve already started with candidates by visiting your message center.

    From the Navigation Bar:

    1. Click the envelope icon in the top right hand corner of the page
        • You will be taken to your inbox, where all of the non-archived messages that you’ve sent or received live
  • Select the conversation you’d like to continue
        • You’ll be taken to the conversation history
  • Compose your message
        • A send button will appear
  • Send your message
  • Archiving Messages

    If you want to tidy up your inbox, you can hide messages you don’t need anymore in the archive.

    From your Message Center:

    1. Select one or multiple conversations by selecting the the check boxes to the right of the conversation
      • Three options will appear above the messages: Mark as Unread, Mark as Read, and Archive


      You can use Mark as Unread and Mark as Read to manage your messages, just like you do in your email inbox.

    2. Select Archive button
      • The messages will be moved into the archived section.


      You can un-archive messages by completing this same process, except start in your archived folder. Your old messages are now stored in the archived section if you ever need them, but won’t clutter up your applicants inbox.