"Every person in a job they love".

Workpop was built around this vision and continues to strive towards this goal

From our Co-CEO and Co-Founder, Reed, an excerpt from our story:

...my co-founders and I did know that we could build a better way for everyday people to find jobs. We became mission-driven to offer candidates something unique in the market: a great experience. That meant transparency, useful tools and data to help them improve their chances of getting hired. We also knew we could deliver tools to managers and recruiters desperate to hire great talent, making it easier for them to deliver great experiences to candidates and achieve better results.

Since we were originally founded, the hiring space has changed and we've learned so much about what helps candidates and employers develop a great relationship.

Many of our challenges stem from the fact that the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in over a decade.  As a result, facilitating a connection between a candidate and an employer has become difficult.  Since the pool of applicants has significantly changed, both candidates and employers are focused on finding the best fit.  In response, we've listened to candidate and employer feedback and are working (and will continue to work) on providing a platform with the resources and tools needed to both, a job and candidate, you love. 

What changed with Workpop?

  • On October 19th, Workpop switched to a paid service for all employers.
  • Jobs that are turned on now expire after 30 days rather than 14
  • You can now filter your My Jobs page by location

What happens if I don’t switch to a paid account?

  • As of Oct. 19th, 2016 you are not able to post new jobs or access the Workpop platform if you are not on an account with a paid subscription or trial.

Will I be able to pause my paid account?

Yes. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.  Feel free to keep it active it in months when you’re hiring and pause when you aren’t. If you return after pausing your subscription, your account will be waiting for you.

What about any jobs I had prior to October 19th? 

They're saved in your account and accessible as long as you have an active subscription.

How do Sparks compare to Featured Jobs?

  • Featured Jobs last for 30 days and are optimized towards getting you the most candidates for your money.
  • You can swap Featured Jobs in and out at any time -- unlike Sparks which are tied to one job.
  • When you have a hard to fill role or need more candidates quickly, you can continue to purchase Sparks for boosts in traffic on your Featured Jobs. Although you will likely find you don’t need as many!

I have additional questions!

Workpop is still dedicated to providing premium support. Please email customer support and our team will answer your question promptly!