Go beyond job boards. Find candidates you can’t reach anywhere else with social recruiting done right.

Share jobs with your friends and fans. 

Every job you post on Workpop can be easily shared to your personal or professional social networks via Facebook, Twitter, or email with just a click.  With perfect formatting and beautiful images, your job post will look clean, professional and appealing on social media. Broaden your reach to newsfeeds or company pages without ever needing to leave Workpop.


To share a job on social media, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your My Jobs page
    • You’ll see a list of all of your jobs
  2. Select the 3 dot button on the job you'd like to share (...)
    • A menu will appear
  3. Select Share
    • A window will pop out, with the option to share your job or copy a direct link to your post                                                                                                         Screen_Shot_2017-10-09_at_2.38.50_PM.png
  4. Click on the appropriate icon for how you’d like to share your posting
    • You can select Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Email 
    • Alternatively, you can copy the direct link to the posting
  5. Log into that social media account
    • If you are already logged into the account in your browser, you won’t need to complete this step.
  6. Share the posting
    • A pop up will appear where you can adjust your posting

When someone clicks on the link in the posting they’ll be taken to Workpop to apply.

Attract qualified passive candidates with our unique reference loop.

We prompt all applicants on Workpop to add former co-workers as references. Not only do you have easy access to check references within our platform, but you also benefit from the candidates sharing their network with Workpop.  We’re able to help grow your applicant pool by exposing passive candidates to our network.