Reviewing Document Completion Status & Canceling Incomplete Documents

After you have issued a task or document, you can review if the new hire/employee has completed the document. You also have the option to cancel documents, if the employee has not completed it yet.


Your employee will NOT move to the Review & Finalize section unless they complete ALL tasks issued to them. They must enter all required information and acknowledge read-only tasks. Once all documents are completed, you will be able to review the documents.

  1. Log into your Workpop account and go to the Employees section
  2. Find the new hire or employee
  3. Click the three-dot action menu ( ... ) to the right of the employee’s contact information
  4. Select Issue Documents


  5. Find the document that you wish to review
    You will see the following buttons:
    • Send - Click this to issue the document/task to the Employee
    • Completed - The employee has signed the document/task already
    • Sent & Cancel - The employee was issued the document/task, but they have not completed it yet. You can remove the task by selecting cancel. 
  6. If you want to remove a document, click the  Cancel button and confirm that you are withdrawing/removing the document.



If you cancel a custom signable document, all other documents listed under Employee Agreements/Offer Letters that were issued at the same time will also be canceled. THIS CAN NOT BE UNDONE ONCE CONFIRMED.


You can request a report to view the status of all documents issued from our team. Just email!