We're excited to introduce Workpop Prospects, a brand new way to find top talent fast! Now, instead of waiting for candidates to apply for your open jobs, you can view resumes of candidates who have applied for similar positions and invite them to apply to your job!


Here are some common questions that may help you navigate Workpop Prospects.

What are Prospects?

Prospects are Candidates in your area who have applied to jobs that are similar to your jobs in the past. So, for example, if you have an open job for a Server, we will show you Prospects that have applied for Server roles previously. 

Where can I find my Prospects?

Currently, this feature is only available on the Workpop Employer App for iOS and Android devices. We will launch this on the web once it is out of Beta release. 

Download the iOS Employer App here | Download the Android Employer App here

Click here to learn more about our mobile apps.

Once you launch your app and log in with your Workpop credentials, click on any job to see your candidates and a new menu called "Prospects."


What does "Beta" mean?

Beta means that this feature is in the final stages of development. We may make small changes to the feature as we finalize its functionality. We will also release the feature to the Web platform once it is finalized.

We're appreciative of your feedback while we work on this feature, so please send us your thoughts at support@workpop.com if you'd like to share with us!

What do I do with Prospects?

First, you will be able to review the Candidate's resume and decide whether or not they might be a good fit for you. Then you will either Invite them to apply for your job, or Pass on them. 

How do I review resumes and what will I be able to see?

To get started, open your Workpop Mobile app on your phone, and click on the job title whose Prospects you want to review. At the top of the page, you will see two tabs that say "Applications" and "Prospects." Select "Prospects" to see your list:


You will see the Prospect's name, location, and profile photo if they chose to upload one. You will also see a "New" tag if they are unreviewed. Click on any name to review their resume. 


Now you will see the Prospect's Work Experience and Skills as well. You will NOT see their contact information or any references they may have unless they choose to accept your invitation to apply for your job.

What does Invite or Pass mean? 

If you are interested in a Prospect and would like for them to apply to your job, click the Invite button. This will send this person a Workpop message (including an email and a text) to let them know that you're interested in them! 


Click Invite to send them the standard invitation message, or create your own custom message.


Candidates may get a lot of invitations, so taking the time to personalize your message to them by telling them what you liked about their resume may translate into a higher success rate of accepted invitations!!

If you are not interested in a Prospect, click "Pass" to move them to your Passed Folder. You can always reconsider them later.

How do I manage my Prospects?

There are built-in stages for your Prospects your progress: Prospects, Invited and Passed.


These are people who have not been reviewed or have been reviewed but not invited or passed. You will see they have a "New" badge if they are completely unreviewed. 



Prospects that you have invited to apply to your jobs will appear here. You can use this is a quick path to message those candidates to encourage them to complete their applications. Click on any invited Prospect to see their resume again and click "Message" to send them a note.


After they have accepted your invitation, you will see that their tag changes to green and says "Accepted." 


If a candidate elects to not apply to your job, you will see a grey tag that says "Declined."



Prospects that you are not interested in initially can be found in the Passed folder. You can review these Prospects and choose to invite them at anytime even though they were initially passed on.


How do I find my Prospects after they accept my invite?

Prospects who have finished the application process will appear as applications on your job just as normal. They will be flagged so that you can see which applications are from Prospects.