Adding an Assessment to Your Job Posting

Adding an Assesment to a Job Posting

Employers on our Growth, Professional, and Enterprise plans can leverage third-party assessment partners to help with the application review process.

Once Assessments are activated in your account, it's just a few clicks to apply them to your job.


From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Click on the (...) for the job you'd like to add the assessment to
    • A menu will appear
  2. Select Assessments from the Menu
    • You'll be taken to the Job Setting's assessment section
  3. Confirm the Outmatch Assesment is on by toggling the switch (if not simply click it to turn on assessments).
  4. Click on the (+) Add Assessment link
    • An Assessments panel will appear on the left-hand side
  5. Select an assessment from the dropdown


    Assessments available for selection will be based on what is configured in your Outmatch account.

  6. Click the Save button
    • The Assesment will be applied to your job

That's it!  Assessments have been applied to your job posting and you'll begin receiving reports for future applicants.