Configuring and Managing Your Company Settings

With Workpop, your team is empowered to make updates and changes to your account as needed to make sure that you’re account is configured in a way that makes sense for your business.


Most settings are only required for employers using Workpop for onboarding.

Account settings are managed via the Company Icon.


When you click on Company, you'll be taken to your Company Settings
The first setting is for your Company Information. You'll have access to all other settings via the left-hand navigation.


  1. Company Information - Legal Hiring Entity Details
  2. Locations - Where you're hiring
  3. Brand Management - Customize the look of your job posts 
  4. Departments 
  5. Titles 
  6. Alternate Titles - Secondary/modifier titles
  7. Workers Compensation - For clients using onboarding
  8. Permissions - Manage Access
  9. Careers Site - Customize your careers site
  10. Plan Information - Billing Info

Company Information 
All Accounts

If your legal business and DBA names are the same for your company, just list the business name in each box, or skip the DBA field.

Your employer EIN number is also not mandatory, but it can be helpful to list, as we can use this to auto-populate any onboarding documents that require this information.


Click on the Company name to add or edit details. To add a second Company, simply click on the +ADD button.

All Accounts

These are the locations/addresses where you'll be hiring/recruiting employees. 

Here you can list the different physical locations/addresses where you will hire and recruit employees.

This information will be used not only for your job postings, but also to complete employee onboarding paperwork, so it is important that it is accurate.


Click on the Location Name to add or edit details. To add additional Locations, simply click on the +ADD button.

Brand Management

With Workpop, you can control how your company is displayed to candidates via your Brand Profile. This allows you to customize the look of your job postings and share more about the experience of working for your company.


For a detailed walkthrough of creating a brand profile, check out Creating a Brand Profile.


Click on the Brand to add or edit details. To add additional Brands simply click on the +ADD button.


This section is used to identify which department your employee reports. This should correlate to your payroll. Department code is optional and not required.


These departments will be common across all locations. If you have departments that are location specific, you might consider including the name of the location in the department name, (example: Santa Monica Catering).


Alternate Titles - Secondary/modifier titles

Workers Compensation - For clients using onboarding

Permissions - Manage Access

Careers Site - Customize your careers site

Plan Information - Billing Info