Email Notifications - Hire Request, Tasks Completed, Expiration Notice, and Activation Confirmation

During the new hire process, you may receive status and update notifications from Workpop.

The only way to turn off these requests is for you to unsubscribe for notifications. Simply click the unsubscribe link in the bottom of the email.


The Activation Confirmation is manually sent by the user finalizing the employment. Simply direct the user not to send a notification to you.

Hire Request:
Subject: [Hiring Manager Name] wants you to hire a candidate!

Account Admins will receive this notification when a Manager clicks the hire button on a candidate. Managers do not have access to onboarding, so this notification allows you to review the candidate and begin onboarding or decline the request.

You can review the candidate via the New Hires section of your account.

The manager will be notified if you decline the request.

Task Completed:

Subject: [New Hire Name]'s tasks have been completed

The user that issued a new hire's tasks will receive this notification when the new hire has completed all tasks. This is to alert you that the new hire is ready for review and activation.

Expiration Notice:

Subject: Reminder: Expiration notice for [Employee Name] - [Form Name] Form

If you utilize Workpop's Custom Forms, you can set an expiration notification.


This notice will be sent to the user that issued the form to the employee.


You can request a report with all expiration dates/forms from our customer success team. Just email us at

Activation Confirmation:

Subject: [Employee Name]'s employment is now active on Workpop

After a user finalizes/activates an employee, they receive a pop-up notification asking if they would like to notify any other admins on the account.


If you receive this email, it is because they clicked the Send Notifications button and your account. They can always close the window or select Cancel if no one else needs to be notified.