Digital Onboarding - Document Not Loading or Saving

With Workpop, you can easily complete your new hire paperwork digitally. This means you can sign documents like your handbook, I9, and W4 on your computer, tablet, or cell phone.


Digital onboarding can be accessed via your mobile web browser. It is not accessible or visible via the Workpop app.

Common issues include:

Unable to see document tasks:

You must complete your employee profile in order to complete additional documents. Once you complete your first task, you'll see the other documents you need to sign.

Unable to finish/save documents:

The digital version of your new hire documents likely has several required fields. If you are unable to finish a document, try selecting the next button to confirm that you have entered information into EVERY field. It's likely that one was skipped.


Unable to see/load documents (White page or beating heart):

  1. Check that you're connected to the internet. It's likely (especially if you're on a cell phone) that your data isn't quick enough or you're too far away from wifi to download this complex page.
    • Try using a computer, switching to wifi, or changing locations. It should help the page load.
  2. Check how long ago you were issued/assigned the document
    • If it's been more than a few months since your employer issued your document, it's likely expired. Let your manager know that they need to reissue it for you to sign.

If you're still having trouble access your documents, please email us at with the document you can't access and any errors you see.