Workpop offers location-based billing, each time you add a new location, you will incur an additional fee. 

If you hire at multiple locations, but never at the same time, it may make more sense for you to edit your location as needed.

For example:

I own 3 retail locations - Bartacular Santa Monica, Bartacular Malibu, and Bartacular Venice. We're well staffed and hire occasionally.

Rather than being billed for 3 locations, I can edit/update my location each time I need to hire. So in May, my address is Bartacular Santa Monica. I fill that role and need to hire in Malibu in June. I would simply edit my location, instead of adding a new location. This avoids additional billing.

You can edit your location via a job posting or via the company settings.

To edit a Location via a job posting:


  1. Scroll to the Location Section
  2. Click on the location
  3. Click on Edit
  4. Make Updates
  5. Save

To edit a location via Company Settings:


From the home dashboard:

  1. Click on Company
    Company Information will appear
  2. Select Locations from the left hand navigation
    A list of all locations in your account will appear
  3. Click on the location you'd like to edit
    An edit panel will appear
  4. Make changes
    Tip: We use Google's locations API to validate all of our addresses. If you're address isn't listed, reach out to google to update here. Once they've processed, you'll be able to add the location. In the mean time, use a nearby address.

    If your zipcode is tied to a specific city, that name may display instead of your locality. For example, if you are located in Westwood, your address may auto-update to Los Angeles. We can not override this. Rest assured that your location information is being correctly sent.
  5. Save

If you are trying to reactivate your account and were previously hiring for more locations than you will be now, reach out to with the locations you'd like to keep active and we'll work with you to adjust billing.