Workpop offers location-based pricing, which means that you'll be billed each time you add a new location to Workpop. 

We do not allow for the same address to be listed in your account multiple times to prevent accidental duplicate billing.


When you post your first job, you'll be prompted to create your first location.



Editing/Adding New Locations is enabled by default. To restrict other users access to create or update locations, be sure to update their permissions.

The Location Name will be what is displayed to job seekers when they review your job posting.


Users on our Growth plan can take advantage of Branding. If you create a brand profile, you will be able to set a different external business name.

For example, if you operate a business with multiple locations, it may be easier for your team to review locations by store number. So the Location Name would be #0001, #0156, #1254. Those internal names, won't attract candidates. However, you can apply a brand, which sets the external company name as Bartacular (your brand/company name). That way your internal users see what they're used to and you can leverage your brand to attract candidates.

After you have created your first location, you can add additional locations via job postings (as above) or via your company settings.

To access location details, from the home dashboard:


  1. Click on Company
    You'll be taken to the company details page
  2. Select Locations from the left-hand Navigation
    You'll see a list of all locations within the account
  3. Click on + Add to add a new location
    You'll see a pink warning to confirm the additional location fee.

 If you need to make any updates to your location details, simply click on the location to enable editing.