Job Description: Bartender

 Bartenders are the quick thinking, personable, multi-taskers of the food & beverage industry.  Below you’ll find a basic job description for a Bartender. We’ve combined data from our most successful postings with best practices to get you started.   Feel free to elaborate as much as possible; candidates love to know what they are getting into when applying to a job. And remember - proper punctuation and spelling go a long way in communicating your company’s professionalism!

 Job Title: Bartender / Mixologist

Keep it simple, only include the most common names for the job you are hiring for and remember not to include extra adjectives.  Think about what a qualified person would be searching for when looking for a new job. In this example, if you’re looking for an entry level bartender, you may want to remove mixologist from the title, because you’ll attract too experienced of a candidate.

 Employment Type: Full Time / Part Time

 Entering the type of position is essential.  People often choose which jobs they apply to based on whether it’s full time, part time or something else entirely.  

 Industry: Food & Beverage

 While you may be tempted to select the industry your company is in, you should select the best fit for the role you are trying to fill.

 Sample Job Description:

[Establishment Name] is looking for a knowledgeable Bartender to join our team.

 As an outgoing and quick-thinking Bartender, you’d be an asset in our [Type of bar] serving [Type of guests].

Your responsibilities will include:

  • Maintaining a friendly personality while interacting with customers
  • Serving beverages to guests in a courteous, efficient, and timely manner
  • Ensuring establishment and legal guidelines are followed when serving alcohol
  • Keeping the bar stocked and organized at all times
  • Other duties as assigned


  • Outgoing personality
  • Strong multi-tasker
  • Previous experience bartending
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Flexible schedule
  • Available to work nights and weekends

We offer:

  •  Competitive compensation based on experience
  • Lucrative tips from our guests
  • A supportive team
  • A great work environment
  • Benefits

 Don’t miss the opportunity to join our bartending staff.  Apply Today!