Work Opportunity Tax Credit Survey Troubleshooting

Some employers may send you a Work Opportunity Tax Credit Survey to complete as part of the new hire onboarding process. If you're having trouble completing the survey, you can follow these troubleshooting tips to help you move forward:

I'm unable to start the survey

Clicking the Start button should load the survey in another tab. If this doesn't occur, it may be due to a pop up blocker. Pop up blockers can prevent new tabs or windows from automatically opening in a user's web browser. Try disabling the pop up blocker on your web browser and clicking Start again.


If using Safari on an iPhone, you will need to go to General Settings > Safari > Block Pop-ups to disable this setting.

Guidelines for disabling pop up blockers in other web browsers can be found here.

I believe I have already completed my survey, but the checklist still tells me to start it

  1. The employer may have asked you for your Work Opportunity Tax Credit information during the application process. This information is stored separately and you will be asked to go through the survey once more during the onboarding process.
  2. If you believe you have already completed the survey during the onboarding process, it is possible that the results were not transmitted correctly to our system. If you have completed it previously, your information has been saved and it is easy to re-trigger our system to find it.
    • Simply click Start on your new hire checklist and enter your social security number in the survey window. This will trigger the information to be sent to Workpop once more, and the item will be marked as complete on your checklist.


Make sure you leave the Workpop web browser tab or window open. If you close this before entering your social security number in the survey, the information might not be processed correctly.

I've followed these tips, and still cannot complete the survey

If you are still unable to complete your survey, please contact our support team at and we'll be happy to assist you.