Accessing and Completing your Employee Tax Information

When you start a new job, employers are required to collect your federal tax withholdings.

Workpop makes it easy to ensure your employer is withholding the correct amount from your check for state and federal taxes. When you complete our easy to fill out Employee Tax Form, we’ll automatically fill out your W4 and make sure they know your state withholding.

Accessing Your Employee Tax Information

From your HR Portal:

  1. View your new employee checklist
    You’ll see a list of all the information and paperwork your new employer needs to complete your hire.
  2. Click Start to Verify employee information and profile
    You’ll be taken to your employee profile
  3. Complete your profile
    Your Employee Tax Information and I9 will appear
  4. Click Start on the Employee Tax Information task
    You’ll be taken to the Employee Tax Information Form

Completing your Employee Tax Information Form


Looking for guidance on what to input into the tax form? Check out our article on calculating your employee tax information.

From the Employee Tax Information Form:

  1. Enter your Federal Tax Information
    The fields will populate with your answers


    See below for more resources on how to select your filing status or check out the IRS Withholding Calculator.

  2. Select the state you live in (State of Residence)
    Fields for state withholding will appear
  3. Enter your Residence State Tax information


    Generally, your state withholding should be the same as your federal. Check out the IRS State Tax Exemption Rules

  4. Let us know if you don’t live and work in the same state by unchecking the box
    Work State Tax Information will appear


    If you live and work in the same state, there’s no need to enter Work State Tax Info

  5. Select your Work State (if it’s different from the state you live in)
    You’ll see your state selected
  6. Click Submit
    Your W4 will be generated
  7. Sign your W4
    Your task for Employee Tax Information will be complete