Creating and Managing Brand Profiles

With Workpop's Custom Brand Profiles you'll be able to craft the perfect first impression for future employees as you leverage your company's brand to stand out amongst the competition.

Create as many Brand Profiles as you need to control the aesthetic of your postings, while also keeping your account organized internally. 

To create your custom Brand Profile

From your home page

  1. Click on the company icon
  2. Select Brand Management
  3. Select the add button
  4. Enter desired information
  5. Note that only is required
  6. Select the locations that you'd like to apply this brand profile to
  7. Save


Brand profiles can be applied at the job level if you'd like to customize by job rather than by location.

To Apply your Brand Profile at the Job Level


The same brand profile create option will be available here

From the Create/Edit Job Screen

  1. Create/Edit your job posting as normal
  2. Scroll to the Branding (Optional) section
  3. Click on the existing brand or create a new brand option
  4. Select/create the appropriate brand
  5. Save

Updating Brand Profiles

From the Brand Management Page

Any updates made to existing profiles will be automatically applied to all jobs if a default location is selected.


This action will over-write any job level branding.

From the Job Posting

Any updates will be saved to all listings where the brand is currently applied.


This action will not impact location defaults.

Permissions and Brand Profiles

Only Account Owners and Administrators with Assign all locations including future locations checked can create and update brands. 

All other users will see a locked Brand Preview on the edit job posting