WOTC Integration - Equifax

Workpop has partnered with Equifax Workforce Solutions to help our customers manage the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) process.  Equifax is one of the most trusted WOTC service providers, allowing customers to maximize their possible tax credit without the hassle of managing the process internally.


What does Equifax do?

Equifax helps to simplify the process by identifying, verifying, certifying, and reporting on the management of WOTC.  Equifax works entirely on contingency.  This means that customers only pay Equifax a portion of the tax credits that they earn.

Equifax has innovative screening processes to improve identification of eligible employees. Their proprietary screening technology makes the WOTC questions easy to understand and provides "not sure" options that allow for additional detailed questions that help determine eligibility. They've also optimized the sequence of the questions to maximize their ability to identify eligible new hires. On top of all this, their screening site is mobile friendly, making it easy for all candidates to get screened from anywhere.

Because there are only 28 days to submit a WOTC certification request after the start of a new employment, hiring managers need to act quickly, and Equifax facilitates this process.  Equifax has connections to electronic state data exchanges, increasing the speed of completion, delivery and rate of certifications to meet this deadline. In nearly 97% of cases, Equifax can obtain all the needed certification documentation without burdening HR, hiring managers or new employees.

Equifax will report on key metrics to help improve results and identify opportunities to achieve certification and credit requirements. They’ll provide insights, such as strategic scheduling opportunities, to help employers maximize WOTC credits.  With a dedicated client support team and expert IRS audit help, Equifax ensures employers are maximizing the opportunity to receive tax credits.  They’ll even monitor and advocate for individual client credits.

How do Workpop customers enroll?

To enroll, simply reach to Workpop’s Customer Success team (support@workpop.com) who can get the integration started.