Your very first job posting will be reviewed prior to being posted live on Workpop and our partner sites.

While your job is in under review, our team is verifying that the posting meets our quality standards and complies with our terms of service.

Our moderation team has 3 options:
Approve the Job
  • Job posting and Employer meet our quality standards and don’t violate our terms of service
Pending Approval
  • Moderation team needs a few more pieces of information to complete the approval and will reach out to you for the information.
  • Common reasons for this status include, but are not limited to: 
    • Requesting candidates apply by email, in-person, open-call, or on website
    • Including contact information in the job post
    • Posting anonymous or confidential jobs
    • Using a personal email for your account (ie instead of
Reject the Job
  • Job posting does not meet our quality standards or violates our terms of service and we will not post.
    • You can review our job posting guidelines here and if you feel as though your job should qualify, you are welcome to reach out to our Customer Success team at  Please keep in mind that our moderation team can reject a job if they feel it is not a good fit for the Workpop community.

We will review all jobs within 24 hours M-F. Trials started after business hours on Friday, or over the weekend, will be reviewed the next business day. Trial end dates will be adjusted accordingly for trials started after business hours on Fridays, Saturday, and Sundays, If your job is not approved, you will receive a notification from Workpop. 

Once we have reviewed your first posting, all future postings will go live immediately, however our moderation team does perform random audits of postings and can remove your job and extreme cases your account for violating our terms of service or quality standards at any time.