Recruiting with Workpop

Workpop brings hiring and recruiting candidates online! This guide will show you how to use Workpop to manage your job ads and review/organize your candidates.

  1. How to access your Jobs
  2. Manage your Jobs 
  3. Review Applicants
  4. Declining Applicants
  5. Sort and Filter Applicants
  6. Manage Your Applicants
  7. Declining Applicants

How to access your Jobs


Check out our quick overview of basic navigation and managing jobs below!

Home Dashboard:Screen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_6.29.52_PM.png Navigation Bar:Screen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_6.30.34_PM.png

Profile Menu:

Manage your Jobs Screen_Shot_2019-04-16_at_6.22.20_PM.png

  1. Turn your post on and off
  2. When your post expires (automatically turns off)
  3. How many new/unread applications you have
  4. How many applicants you haven’t made a decision on yet (Keep this number low)
  5. Apply Sparks to your job
  6. Open the job menu (see options below begging with Repost)

On and Off (Job Status)

  • When your job is “On” it will receive basic sourcing to our standard partner sites such as Google Jobs, ZipRecruiter, and more.
    • It takes 24-48 hours for our partners to display new and updated jobs.
  • When your job is “Off” it will receive no sourcing and no candidates.
    • These jobs cannot be accessed by candidates at all.
  • When your job is “Careers Site Only” it will only appear on your Careers Site.
    • It will not appear on Workpop or any of our partner sites.
    • This is good for passive recruiting, or jobs that only need to be internally advertised.

Expiration (Job Automatically Turns Off)

  • Jobs automatically turn off (or “expire”) to ensure that your posting is always classified as new by our candidates and our partner sites.
  • Use the “Repost” option to reset the expiration date to 30 days at any time or just turn it back on after it expires if you are hiring for more than 30 days.

Employer Response Score

  • Keep the number of “undecided” applications low to maintain a high employer response score.
  • To keep your score high you must do one of three things within the first two weeks for all applications:

Sparks (Paid/Sponsored Sourcing)

  • Sparks are used to add extra sourcing power to your jobs.
  • They are $75 each, last for 30 days, and provide wider visibility of your job to more candidates by posting your job on our premium job sites and sponsoring on our standard partners

Job Menu (Three-Dot Button)

  • Anytime you see this on the site, it means that there are extra action-items available if you click it.

Review Applicants


Check out our quick overview of managing applicants and keeping your employer response score high below!

Click on the job that you want to see applicants for, then you will see this screen:  Screen_Shot_2019-04-16_at_6.53.03_PM.png

  1. The job the applicants applied to
  2. View Applications in these stages
  3. Search  for an applicant
  4. Sort and Filter applicants
  5. Bulk Message or update stage on multiple applicants by select the box
  6. Date applicant applied and New badge if appropriate
  7. Message Indicator (if appropriate)
  8. Notes and Ratings for the applicant
  9. Quick facts When applied and when you last changed stage


  • Each application is anchored to a specific job posting
  • Candidates may not re-apply to jobs if they have already been declined
  • Candidates may not submit multiple applications to the same job

View Applications (Application Stages)

  • Move candidates between these stages to stay organized and engaged with your candidates:
    • Favorite: Use this folder as a shortlist of top talent that you are interviewing. (Candidates Not Notified of this Action)
    • Declined: Decline candidates who are not a good fit quickly. You can reconsider them later if necessary (Candidate Notified of this Action)
    • Hired: Applications of candidates that you move into the hiring process will live here, even after they have been fully hired and activated. (Candidates Notified of this Action)


  • Search names of candidates here. This will only search in the folder that you are currently viewing.
    • For example, if you are viewing your Favorites folder, and you search for a declined candidate, they will not show up. You must search in the correct job and folder.

Bulk Message or Update

  • Bulk actions can save you the time of doing things one by one for each of your candidates.
  • Bulk actions available:
    • Message
    • Favorite/Unfavorite
    • Decline
    • Transfer
      • The job must be “on”
      • You must have access to review candidates on that job
      • The candidate can not have already applied to the job
  • Bulk Messages appear as one on one conversations to the candidate and will be individual messages in your inbox.

Quick Facts

  • The last action taken on an application will show, with the manager’s name, and a timestamp.

Sort and Filter Applicants Screen_Shot_2019-04-16_at_7.17.08_PM.png

  1. Sort your applicants by the option selected
  2. Filter out any applicants that don’t meet what you’re looking for



  • Sort Options:
    • Smart Rank is will sort your candidates based on matching algorithms that compare your job post to candidate applications.
    • Newest/Oldest
    • Highest/Lowest Rating
    • Closest/Furthest Distance
    • Most/Least Experience
    • Smart Rank


  • Filter Options:
    • Cover Letter
    • Video Intro
    • Rating
    • Years Experience
    • Education
    • Distance
    • Personalizations
    • Schedule Availability

Manage your Applicants

Click on the person you want to review:Screen_Shot_2019-04-16_at_7.25.52_PM.png

  1. The person whose application you’re reviewing
  2. Update the applicant's stage
  3. Menu to view/print information
  4. Application Info 
  5. Rate the applicant
  6. Leave a note about the applicant
  7. View applicants contact information
  8. Message the applicant via Workpop’s Messaging system (recommended)

Person (Candidate)

  • This is the name that the candidate has set in their profile.
  • You can see the distance between your location address (as defined in your company settings) and the person’s home address (as set in their profile).

Message or Update

  • Use these buttons to take action on this candidate:
    • Message - Send a Workpop message to the candidate (this will notify the candidate via email and text message)
    • Favorite - Move this application to your Favorites folder (this will not notify the candidate)
    • Hire - Move this candidate into your hiring process (this will notify the candidate)
    • Decline - Move this candidate into your declined folder (this will notify the candidate)


  • Ratings is a five-star rating system for candidate applications.
    • Any manager who has access to the application can leave ratings and will be able to view all other ratings.
    • Candidates do not see these ratings.

Leave a Note

  • Notes are plain text comments that can be left on a candidate’s application.
    • This is a great way to collaborate on hiring decisions and keep notes on your conversations.
    • Any manager who has access to the application can leave notes and will be able to view all other notes.
    • Candidates do not see these notes.

Declining Applicants

When you decline an application, the candidate will automatically be sent a decline message. You can customize the message.Screen_Shot_2019-04-17_at_3.27.14_PM.png

  1. Decline Reasons (Not shared with Candidates)
  2. Decline Message (Customizable)
  3. Save Default Decline Message
  4. Decline button

Decline Reasons

  • These are not shared with candidates
  • These are not displayed anywhere in product
  • We recommend skipping this

 Decline Notification

  • Workpop encourages transparency in the hiring process and a decline message is more encouraging to a candidate than never hearing back
    • Remember, just because the candidate isn’t a good fit right now, it doesn’t mean that they won’t be in the future. They may also refer someone if they have a positive experience.
  • A default message will automatically populate
  • You can customize the decline message by typing into the text box
    • It is required that you send content in the message

Set Default Decline Notification

  • Check the box to save the message to use for all future decline messages

You're all set! You've learned the basics of Workpop Recruiting! If you have any additional questions, please contact your Workpop Account Owner within your Organization.