Cornerstone & Workpop's Next Chapter

Here's an excerpt from our blog addressing our exciting next chapter!

Today, we are pleased to announce that we have been acquired by Cornerstone OnDemand (NASDAQ: CSOD) the global leader in talent management.

First things first, we want to address what this means for our employers and job seekers.

  • The Workpop product will continue to operate as normal for our employers and candidates. There are no planned changes to our service, pricing, or product at this time. 
  • You will continue to use the product, whether as an employer or job seeker, in the exact same way.
  • You can expect the same stellar level of customer service that you have come to know from Workpop.

While we felt the above was critical to address immediately, the reality is that joining forces with Cornerstone is going to enable Workpop to do so much more for all of you.

The last 4 years have been an unbelievable learning experience for all of us at Workpop.  We’ve been lucky to have the opportunity to learn from and serve thousands of employers and millions of candidates.  We started this company because we wanted to help every person find a job they love.  Our ultimate vision for the company was never just an applicant tracking system or job board.

We knew that to realize our ultimate vision, we would need to help job seekers acquire new skills.  We have built and aspire to build even more software for employers, employees, and job seekers that they actually enjoy using at work.  Our goal was to create software that would allow them to realize their full potential, just like Cornerstone.  In Cornerstone, we’ve found a partner that believes in thinking about employment as a lifelong journey that necessitates new learnings, feedback, and so much more.

As part of Cornerstone, we now gain access to resources and expertise that will only serve to accelerate the speed at which we reach our goals.  We even have some early specifics of what our new world will start to look like.

We will introduce a major enhancement to the Cornerstone Recruiting suite called Frontline.  Frontline will combine Workpop’s functionality optimized for hiring in industries like retail, hospitality, and manufacturing with Cornerstone’s robust recruiting solution and seamlessly connect to capabilities like learning, performance, and core HR. 

Beyond that, we are excited by the products that we will be able to bring to our smaller customers in the future.  Cornerstone's small business product, PiiQ, will allow us to offer a seamlessly connected learning, performance management, and hiring product to businesses that have never had these capabilities.

Most importantly, our entire team is joining Cornerstone and so the support and expertise you’ve come to love will be there too. 

Your support over the last 4 years has made all of this possible and we couldn’t be more excited about Workpop’s future. The stories from job seekers we’ve helped find jobs have made coming to work every day extremely rewarding, and we are even more excited about what we can deliver going forward. Thank you for being a client, and we look forward to continuing to be a great partner for all of your job seeking and hiring needs.

If you have questions, feel free to reach out to anyone on the Workpop team.  We are always here to help.


Reed Shaffner, Chris Ovitz, Jay Yu, and the entire Workpop Team