Copy or Duplicate your Job Posts

Rewriting the same job posting over and over again can be tedious.  Workpop allows you to duplicate your postings and then update them as needed.


This is a great time save for when you’re hiring for the same position at multiple locations or if you’re hiring for the same position, but want to segment your applicants by hiring period.


From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Click on the Three Dots Button (...) to the right of the posting for the job you’d like to duplicate
    • A menu will appear
  2. Select the Duplicate option on the drop down menu
    • A success message will appear and a new posting titled Copy of Original Title will appear in your off Jobs
  3. Select the 3 Dots Button (...) to the right of the Copy of Posting
    • A menu will appear
  4. Select Edit
    • You’ll be taken to the edit job page
  5. Remove Copy of from the title and make any other necessary changes
  6. Click on the Save button 

Your job is live and you didn’t have to re-type everything!