Document Issuance and Management

Workpop's digital onboarding processes paperwork quickly and efficiently.

Upload and Issue Custom Documents Effortlessly

Upload any document and its required fields will be converted into easy-to-complete web forms, ready to issue digitally within 24 to 48 hours. You’ll be notified after a document’s status changes from “processing” to “ready”. From employee handbooks to sick policies, Workpop lets you issue anything to anyone.


Document management is only available to users on our AHS, Professional, or Enterprise plans.

Easily Access and Issue Stock Documents

Workpop offers companies the ability to issue digital versions of commonly used documents. These include:

  • W4
  • I9
  • [CA] CA Family Rights Act DFEH-188
  • [CA] Disability Insurance Provisions DE-2515
  • [CA] Harassment Policy & Agreement
  • [CA] Non-Exempt Employee Notice (2810.5, LS54)
  • [CA] Paid Family Leave Notice DE-2511
  • [CA] Time of Hire Pamphlet
  • [TX] No Worker's Compensation Notice-5
  • [TX] Wage Deduction Authorization Agreement
  • [TX] Worker's Compensation Notice-6
  • Confidentiality Agreement
  • Employment Application
  • Employment Application (No Criminal or Salary Questions)
  • Food Handler's Card Collection Form
  • Standard Offer Letter

Expedite Paperwork and Ensure Accuracy

Stop filling out the same fields again and again. Workpop automatically pre-fills fields collected from your company profile or the new hire’s profile to ensure fewer mistakes and faster completion.

Collect Info You Can't Get from a PDF

Workpop’s powerful custom form builder allows you to easily create and issue survey questions, collect documents or images, ask for expiration dates, and more. Use it for anything you want.

Group and Organize Documents Any Way You Want

Workpop’s Document Management Center lets you create folders (and subfolders) to organize all your paperwork however you like. You can search for keywords, and sort the documents by name, type (read only or sign), status, or time since last updated.

Document Management Center

The Documents section is where you add files or HR forms that you want your employees to sign read, or complete. There are three types of documents with specific tasks - read-only documents, signable documents, and custom forms.

Read-Only documents

These documents will have a blue icon and only require the employee to view them.


Signable documents

These documents will have an orange icon and are made to collect information or signatures from an employee.


If you upload a Signable document, it first must be processed by Workpop before it is ready to issue to employees. This is because Workpop must first indicate where in the document the signature should go. This will be denoted with “Processing” in the Status column, and change to “Ready” when available for use. It takes approximately 1 to 2 business days to process a document.


Custom Forms

These documents will have a green icon and are forms created on Workpop which the employee must complete. Common uses are Employment Applications, certification collection forms, and self-evaluations.