Workpop is one of Indeed's trusted Applicant Tracking System Partners.

Indeed allows for their ATS partners to create a special feed in which our mutual clients get the added benefit of jobs posted on Workpop acting similarly to those posted directly on Indeed.

With the Indeed ATS feed you can expect:

  • Guaranteed organic level visibility for all of your postings
  • Reduced Applicant drop off
    • This allows candidates to submit their applications directly on Indeed without leaving the site, significantly reducing application friction and drop off*.
  • The option to sponsor your Workpop postings directly on Indeed!
    • All applications will be received on Workpop
    • Coordinate with Indeed's Employer team to learn more
    • You can work with your Client Success contact directly to allocate budget.

We have seen that employers who utilize the ATS feed receive 100%+ more applications from Indeed then those that are not included.

*Some candidates may still be prompted to complete their applications on Workpop if you include custom screening questions.


Only clients on our Growth plan are eligible for the indeed ATS integration at this time. Requests to integrate with Indeed can be sent to Since our Indeed integration is valued by many of our clients, we must moderate all requests in order to meet Indeed requirements. Therefore, we do need a copy of your business license before setting up the integration.