Transferring Applications


Sometimes you will find that a candidate has applied for one position, but they are better suited for another. Or they applied to one location, but another location needs to make a hire, and the candidate has the ability to work at either.

Instead of asking the candidate to reapply a second time, you can transfer their application to the new location or job.


When you transfer an application, the candidate is notified via email. If they aren't expecting this to happen, they may be confused. Be sure to confirm the action with your candidate first.


To transfer an application:

  1. Click the three-dot button next to the candidate that you want to transfer.
  2. Select "Transfer" from the drop-down list of actions.
  3. In the side panel that appears, you can select a new location if you are transferring to a new location. If not, just leave the original location in that field.
  4. Select the new position to which you wish to transfer this candidate,
  5. Type any notes that you feel are relevant to this transfer decision.
  6. Click the green "Transfer" button. 


If a candidate has already applied or started an application (ie they did not submit/complete application questions)to the job that you are trying to transfer them to, you will receive an error message as we do not allow for duplicate applications.

Once the application is transferred, it will show up in the list of candidates for the new role or location as a new candidate with a tag that marks it as a "Transfer."


Any notes that you left on the transfer reason will show on the application in the Notes section. You will also see a tag at the top that shows where the candidate was transferred from.


You can transfer candidates multiple times, and to any job that is "On" for any of your locations. If a candidate has been transferred multiple times, only the most recent transfer will show on the application.


You may not transfer candidates to a job that is not live. You must turn a job "On" to be able to transfer a candidate.