With Workpop, you can ensure that the correct documents are always issued to new hires.

Our team can help you configure your documents so they are only issuable to the appropriate employees.

We will make it so that documents will show if one (or a combination) of options is selected on the new hire form.

Restrictions can be set based on:

  • Role/Title
  • Non-Exempt Employee Status
  • Workplace Location
  • Workplace Department
  • State (only 1 state)

This configuration is based on what is entered for the employee in the New Hire Form.



We can only restrict to Non-Exempt employments. We can NOT display a document to only Exempt employees.


Select the broadest configuration possible for each document. This will make it easier to update documents in the future.

Once you have uploaded a document and confirmed who should receive each document, email support@workpop.com to alert our team to the configuration.

Example Configuration:


  • Meal Break Waiver
  • Employee Uniform Notice
  • Management Responsibilities
  • Tip Pooling Agreement
  • Line Cook Job Description

Example Employees

Name Title Status Location Department
Gene General Manager Exempt Santa Monica Management
Hayden Host Non - Exempt Venice Front of House
Kai Kitchen Manager Exempt Venice Management
Leigh Line Cook Non-Exempt Santa Monica Back of House


Who Should Recieve the Documents?

Meal Break Waiver

  • Non-Exempt Employees

Employee Uniform Notice

  • All Employees

Management Responsibilities

  • All Managers

Venice Tip Pooling Agreement

  • Front of House Employees

Line Cook Job Description

  • Line Cooks

Santa Monica GM Job Description

  • Santa Monica GM

How to Configure

Meal Break Waiver

Status: Non-Exempt

Employee Uniform Notice

No Configuration Needed

Management Responsibilities

Department: Management

Venice Tip Pooling Agreement

Department: Front of House

Location: Venice

Line Cook Job Description

Title: Line Cook

Santa Monica GM Job Description

Title: General Manager

Location: Santa Monica


Adding the Dept: Management configuration for this document is unnecessary because the document is specific to this title.