Not every question in your screening process has to have a right or wrong answer. With Workpop’s scoring feature, you can assign a numeric score for each of the answer options, allowing you to weight responses based on how “correct” or important they are to your hiring process and better assess candidate responses.

From your My Jobs page

      1. Click on the job you'd like to add a scored assessment to.
      2. Under Job Settings (to the left of the page), select Screening Questions.
      3. Load a screening questions template, or create a new questionnaire by adding Application Questions.


         Learn how to create a custom questionnaire here.

      4. On the question you'd like to add scoring to, check the box labeled “Add automatic scoring to this question.”


      5. Add the number of points you’d like to give for each answer response.
      6. You can apply a score ranging from 0-99 points for each response.


      7. Select Save.
      8. Repeat for all questions you’d like to add scoring to.
      9. Ensure Application Questions is turned “On”.



To help ensure accurate scores across all applicants, we recommend that you make any scored question required. This will prompt a response from all applicants, and help you more accurately determine which candidates are a great fit for your needs.

When applying to your job, the candidate will be prompted to answer these questions prior to submitting their application. You’ll be able to see their responses directly on their application, along with their overall score:


You can also select “View Responses” to view the specific score the candidate received for each question answered:


Our Custom Questionnaire with Scoring is a great tool to empower your hiring managers to make smart, consistent, and considerate hiring decisions.


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