Assessments on Workpop - Outmatch Integration

Assessments on Workpop

Making every hire a great hire, matters. 

While Workpop empowers you to create your own custom assessments on Workpop, sometimes it's necessary to utilize the expertise of an assessment platform during your recruiting process.

We've integrated with Outmatch, our first assessment partner, so you can leverage their expertise and make smarter hiring decisions based on the additional insights gained via their customized, researched backed assessments. 

You'll be able to gain insight into a variety of subjects, things like the success of an applicant in a role, future growth potential, personality, reliability, and more!

All of these insights will be shared directly on the candidates Workpop application, so your hiring managers can utilize this information seamlessly during the hiring process. 

For users on our Growth plan, reach out to our to get started!


Learn more about how to configure and troubleshoot assessments on workpop here.