Get top candidates excited about your company with a beautiful Careers Site.

Hiring today is competitive, and brands must do everything they can to impress prospective candidates. We’ve developed Careers Sites that are easy to set up, hosted for free on Workpop, and require no web developer involvement!

Click play for a quick video tutorial on how to customize your careers page in minutes!


All users have access to our Jobs List Pages. Users on select plans also have access to 3 additional customizable sections.

Viewing Your Jobs List

Your job postings are automatically synced with your Careers Site when you update them on Workpop.

Candidates visiting your Careers Site are able to filter and search within all jobs at your company to quickly find the ones that are the best fit.


Your Jobs List can be viewed:

  • Via any of your job postings
    When a candidate clicks on a job posting, they will see the option to click on your company’s name or follow a link to “view more jobs”.
  • Via your unique brand id
    This is your public careers page address.


Link to your Workpop postings directly by using your customizable Careers Pages ID as the URL you link to from your website.

Careers Site

Workpop’s Careers Sites are easy to customize and keep up-to-date without needing a web developer -- there’s absolutely no coding required. Just upload your brand’s logo and images, enter your text, select background colors, fonts, and choose which social media links you want to show. It’s that easy.


Only Administrators with access to company information and Account Owners will have access to customize your Careers Page.


 From the Home Dashboard:

  1. Select the Company icon
    • You will be taken to the Company Settings
  2. Click Careers Site on the left of the page
    • You’ll be taken to our Careers Site page 


You can also access Careers Site settings via your My Jobs page by clicking the link found below your locations that prompts you to Set up Your Customizable Careers Page in just minutes.

Once you've accessed your Careers Site page, you can update your Brand Name, URLlogo and social media links.

Customizing Your Theme

Make your brand shine and show top candidates what makes your workplace unique and appealing.


We recommend the following image formats and sizes.
Logo: 200px x 200px image as a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file format
Billboard: 1280px X 500 px image as a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file format
Customizable Sections: 500px x 400px image in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file format.
Backgrounds for Customizable Sections: 1280px x 500px image in .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file format

From your Careers Site Page:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of your Careers Site page
      • You’ll see the Careers Page section
  2. Select the Edit button
    • An "Editor" window will open where you can customize and brand your Careers Page
  3. Hover over the billboard image to access our editing tools
      • You’ll see a blue Edit Theme pop up
  4. Click the Edit Theme pop up
      • Our editing tools will appear on the right side of your screen
  5. Make the desired updates to the fields
    • You’ll see the updates reflected on the preview as soon as you click out of the field.
  6. If you have access to the additional customizable sections, click the Edit Section button to customize each section.


    Your Careers Page contains 2 content sections with a bumper in between.  You can upload custom photos, logos, images and text to showcase your brand. Sections can showcase your team culture, company history, and more.
  7. Preview your customized Careers Page on different devices via the buttons on the top of the screen.
    • You’ll see a desktop, tablet, and mobile view of your responsive Careers Page
  8. Publish your Careers Page by clicking on the Publish button in the top right corner of your screen.


    Our Customer Success Team is happy to offer assistance and suggestions for setting up your careers page, email us at to get started!

That’s it!  Your customized Careers Page is live!


Need inspiration? Check out these awesome examples.