Get More Candidates with Sparks


Sparks add additional budget and visibility to your job postings on Workpop.

If you have a tough-to-fill position or need to hire quickly, we recommend applying Sparks to your posting.

When you apply a Spark to your Job, we focus on attracting more candidates in a short amount of time.  By adding a Spark, your job will reach a larger audience, which in turn results in an increase in applicants.


Your increase in applicants may not be immediate, as Workpop works to optimize your results.  If you don’t see an increase after 48 hours, please reach out to the Workpop Customer Success Team by emailing

Select your plan type below to learn more about Sparks! If you are unsure of your plan type, you can reach out to Workpop Support at

Workpop (Hiring) Applicant Hiring System

When you spark a job, your posting will:

      • Receive higher positioning on our premium paid partner sites
      • Be given premier placement on Workpop’s site
      • Receive a Hot Jobs designation on Workpop
      • Be featured in our weekly jobs emails to candidates
      • Get refreshed (so they will appear to be posted the day the Spark was applied.)

The result of all these extras is you’re able to reach more candidates, quickly.

To spark a job:

      1. Go to the My Jobs Page
        • You’ll see a list of all your jobs
      2. Find the job you’d like to spark
        • If the job is eligible to be sparked, you’ll see a Sparks column on the posting


        Only Featured and Promoted Jobs can be sparked.

      3. Select the desired amount of sparks by clicking on the +
        • The +'s selected will turn into a Spark Coin


        The more sparks the more budget/spend you are applying to your job.


        Apply 1 spark a week instead of 3 at a time to receive a steady increase in traffic over the course of the month or apply multiple sparks at a time to get a larger increase in traffic over a shorter amount of time.

      4. If you do not currently have any Sparks credits, you will be prompted to pay for the Sparks.  If you have Spark credits, they will be immediately applied.