Facebook Jobs: How to Apply

Facebook now offers a way for users to apply to jobs with information collected from your profile. Many companies that use Workpop also have jobs that are linked to their Facebook page, and you can apply to those jobs directly on Facebook! 

You can find these opportunities on the Jobs section of a company's Facebook Page.


To get started, just click the "Apply Now" button on the position you are interested in.

Facebook will then pull information that you've entered about your previous jobs and education to build a light-weight resume for you.


You can provide more work experience or education by clicking the "Add Experience" or "Add Education" buttons below each section.

When you click send, Workpop will send you an email asking you to verify your email to complete the process.



You must click the "Verify Email" button for your application to be complete!

Applying Without a Previous Workpop Account

If you apply on Facebook, but do not have a Workpop account, clicking "Verify Email" will prompt you to create a Workpop account by creating a password.


Remember this password so you can come back to check the status of your application and respond to messages sent to you by the employer!

Adding More Details to your Application

Because Facebook doesn't have details about your work experience commonly found on a resume, we encourage you to go back and fill in more details about yourself on your application in order to be competitive!

To include more details on your application:

  1. Log in to Workpop.
  2. Click on "My Applications"
  3. Select the job that you applied to using Facebook Jobs.


  4. Click the red "Withdraw" button at the top, and then click "Withdraw Application" to confirm.
  5. To add more details to your Work Experience, click into any of your previous jobs to open the edit fields


  6. To add more details to your Education History, click into any of your education listings to open the edit fields


  7. Click "Done," and then click the green "Submit" button at the top of the page. 
  8. You'll be asked to verify the information on your application and to enter your schedule availability.
  9. Click "Submit" again after verifying your availability.
  10. Your application has now been resubmitted to the employer with the additional details you provided!