Managing Job Posts - Sourcing

Workpop puts you in the drivers seat when it comes to deciding how much you would like to spend on advertising your job posts. You choose which level of sourcing your job will receive and then boost the traffic with Sparks for extra sourcing power!

Depending on which Workpop plan you have, you will have different levels of sourcing for your jobs. Choose your plan below to learn more. If you are unsure of your plan type, you can check in your profile, or reach out to Workpop Support at

Workpop (Hiring) Applicant Hiring System
There are three options for your job posts:
  • Featured Jobs are your paid job slots that receive premium candidate sourcing.
  • The number of jobs you can feature at once depends on your plan.
  • Swap Featured Jobs in and out at any time.
  • Basic Jobs only receive candidates from and free partner sites.
  • You can have unlimited Basic Jobs live at once.
  • To feature a Basic Job, simply click the “Feature” button.
  • Jobs that are turned off are not posted anywhere.
  • To turn a job on, simply click the On/Off slider.
  • If you have a Featured slot available, your job will be automatically featured.
  • If you do not, your job will be posted as a Basic Job.

Feature/Unfeature a Job Post


This option is only available for legacy users on our Workpop Hiring Plans

Hiring needs change and sometimes you may need to switch the jobs you are Featuring.  You can upgrade your plan with additional Featured Jobs or change which jobs you are currently featuring.


You must have an unused Featured job slot available in order to feature a job.  If you have an unused featured job slot available and post a new job, it will automatically be featured.

To Un-Feature your Job:  Manage_Job_Posts_4.gif

From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Find the job you would like to Un-Feature
  2. Click the three dots menu button (...) to the far right of the post
    • A menu of options will appear
  3. Select Unfeature from the drop down menu
    • A success message will display across the top of the page and your job will be listed as basic.

You can now feature a different posting.

To Feature a Basic posting:


From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Find the job you would like to Feature
  2. Click the Feature button
    • The job will move to the Featured posting sections

Your job is now featured and shared with a wider audience.  


Learn more about where your job is posted here

Turning Your Job Post On/Off

You may not want to have your postings published at all times. Workpop helps you control when your jobs are posted and accepting applications via the Off/On switch.


 From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Find the posting you’d like to turn On/Off
  2. Click the Switch
    • The job will switch On/Off based on it’s current state

You’ll toggle the switch to Off when you want to stop accepting applicants and turn off the posting.  


Turning off your posting does NOT cancel or pause your subscription.


Our jobs are published for 30 days, and then they automatically turn off. If you’re still looking for candidates after thirty days, you can turn the switch back on to re-publish your job posting.