Managing Job Posts - Post, Edit and Copy

With Workpop, you can edit and update your postings as often as you like, with no additional fee.

Posting a New Job


Check out our guide on how to write a great job posting here!

With Workpop, you can post new jobs as often as you’d like.  You can create a new job posting by clicking the green Post a Job button, which can be found in the top right corner of the navigation page and on the My Jobs page.


  1. Enter the Job Title of the role you are looking to fill
    • Use proper formatting - Don’t use all caps, symbols, or punctuation
    • Use the simplest title for the job


    Clear and succinct titles tend to get the best response.  Don’t use company specific or unnecessarily long titles

  2. SelectEmployment Type and Industry
    • Don’t worry too much about these.  Choose what you feel most accurately describes the job you are hiring for (not your company’s industry).
  3. Create the Job Description
    • Think about the information you’d want to know if you were applying to a job.
    • We recommend including the following info:

      Job Duties

  4. Describe your company
    • Give applicants a glimpse into who your company is and why they might want to be a part of your team.
    • This will be used on all future postings, so keep it generic.
  5. Enter Compensation
    • People like to know what they’re getting into, so adding this optional info tends to increase the number of applications received.
  6. Select any additional compensation or perks if they apply
  7. Enter Business Location
    • The applicant does NOT see this information. We use it when setting the city of your job and for account authentication purposes.
  8. Add Photos
    • In order to publish a job, you must include at least 2 photos with your job post.
    • To make your first job publish as easy as possible we included 2 placeholder images for you. 
    • We recommend you personalize these photos with the following types of images: your company logo, product, or exterior/interior shots of your location.
  9. Confirm or Complete your Manager Profile
    • Applicants are given information on who is hiring. They do not have access to your contact information.  
  10. Click on the Post Job Now button to post your job
  11. Your job is posted and ready to begin receiving applicants.


Jobs posted on Workpop are available immediately (unless it is your first time posting and you are in moderation). However, it can take 24-48 hours for postings to appear on our partner sites.

You’re now on your way to making a great hire!


Your postings will automatically be placed in the next available job slot allotted by your plan.

Editing a Job Post

Job descriptions and hiring needs can get updated and refined after you’ve already posted your job.  With Workpop, you can edit your job at any time, with no additional fees.


Updating your posting periodically is a great way to revitalize a posting that’s gotten stale or is beginning to see a drop in response rate.

As you interview applicants that aren’t a great fit, use your learnings to update the posting so you’re more likely to attract that perfect applicant!


From the My Jobs page:

  1. Find the job post you would like to edit
  2. Select the 3 Dots Button (...) to the right of Posting
    • A menu will appear
  3. Select Edit
    • You’ll be taken to the edit job page
  4. Make your edits
  5. Click on the Save button
    • Your updates will be posted


From the Applicant Review Page:

  1. Find the Job Settings in the left navigation
  2. Select Edit Post
    • You’ll be taken to the edit job page
  3. Make your edits
  4. Click on the Save button
    • Your updates will be posted

Your Job changes have been saved and your job is updated!


While updates will post immediately on Workpop, it can take 24-48 hours for the changes to appear on our partner sites.

Copy or Duplicate your Job Posts

Rewriting the same job posting over and over again can be tedious.  Workpop allows you to duplicate your postings and then update them as needed.


This is a great time save for when you’re hiring for the same position at multiple locations or if you’re hiring for the same position, but want to segment your applicants by hiring period.


From the My Jobs Page:

  1. Click on the Three Dots Button (...) to the right of the posting for the job you’d like to duplicate
    • A menu will appear
  2. Select the Duplicate option on the drop down menu
    • A success message will appear and a new posting titled Copy of Original Title will appear in your off Jobs
  3. Select the 3 Dots Button (...) to the right of the Copy of Posting
    • A menu will appear
  4. Select Edit
    • You’ll be taken to the edit job page
  5. Remove Copy of from the title and make any other necessary changes
  6. Click on the Save button 

Your job is live and you didn’t have to re-type everything!