After the new hire has completed their tasks, the employer must review and finalize their employment.

Employers are notified of tasks requiring their review by email and on the Home dashboard on Workpop.

Review New Hires

From your Home dashboard:

  1. Select the New Hires icon
        • This will take you to the new hire page
  2. Select Review and Finalize
        • A list of all new hires who need to be reviewed will appear
  3. Select  the new fire's name
        • You will then be able to view the new hire’s documents
  4. Review documents as needed
          • You will be able to view pdfs of any documents or forms that have been completed


Reviewing the I-9

Workpop has a special process for reviewing the I-9 because it requires confirming the employee’s work authorization.

When you are reviewing the new hire’s tasks, you will also be shown 1 or 2 images, depending on which forms of identification the new hire submitted:



  1. Confirm the Document Type.
        • If the employee selected the wrong document type, select the correct name
  2. Review the image and enter the information in the appropriate fields
  3. Finalizing and sign digitally
        • The employer signs the I-9. The information entered in the fields will be automatically entered into the I-9 form.


Do not finalize without signing.


You’re all set and your employee will now be shown in the Employees section.