Manage Your Employer Response Score

Manage Your Employer Response Score

Your Employer Response Score is shown to candidates as a measure of how likely you are to take action on an application, based on your previous actions.

Having a high employer response score tends to increase applications. Candidates view the Employer Response score as another layer of transparency on Workpop.  


Employer Response Scores Are:

  • Very Poor
  • Poor
  • Fair
  • Good  
  • Very Good


We cannot edit your Employer Response Score.

Employer Response Scores are calculated based on recent actions.  For example, if you posted a job six months ago and didn’t respond to any applicants, but post a job today and take action on most applications, you’ll have a high Employer Response Score.

Actions That Impact Your Employer Response Score Are:

  • Messaging applicants
  • Declining applicants
  • Hiring applicants


The Employer Response Score that is displayed is the score for the hiring manager that posted the job.  Any actions taken on the posting will positively affect their employer response score.

Remember applicants prefer knowing that they’ll hear back something, regardless of the type of response, and it incentivizes candidates to apply.