Manage Existing Applications

You can track the stage and status of your applications on the My Applications page.

Application Stages 
Job Closed The job is no longer active on the site and candidates can no longer apply.
Unread The hiring manager has not yet looked at your application.
Read The hiring manager has looked at your application, but hasn’t taken action on it yet.
Favorited Your application has been shortlisted by the hiring manager. This does not guarantee an interview, but it increases the chance you will be contacted for an interview.
Messaged A hiring manager has sent you a message through Workpop. Check your Workpop Inbox, email, or phone.
Hired Congratulations! After interviewing you, the hiring manager has decided to hire you.
Declined The hiring manager has passed on your application. Apply to more jobs on Workpop you're qualified for.



Application Status 

You have withdrawn your application from consideration for employment.

Draft Your applictation is in progress and hasn't been submitted to the employer yet.
Submitted Your application has been sent and received by the hiring manager. It is now awaiting their review.

Withdraw an Application

If you change your mind about an application, and the job is still open, you can withdraw your application. This will remove your application from the employer's view and they will not be able to access it.

If you'd like to re-submit your application to the position in the future, you can do so as long as the job is still live.

If you would like to remove an application from consideration, you can follow the steps below:


Desktop Mobile Web iOS Android
  1. Click the My Applications tab and select the application you'd like to withdraw
  2. Select Withdraw to remove your application from consideration



Edit an Application

On Workpop, you can only edit an application if the job posting is still accepting applications. If the job posting is still live, you can update your application by following these steps:


Desktop Mobile Web iOS Android
  1. Log in and click on My Applications
  2. Click on the application that you'd like to edit
  3. Click on the red Withdraw button to temporarily remove your application while you make your edits
  4. You are automatically taken back to your application to make any edits
  5. Click the green Submit button to once again send your application for consideration

Archive Applications

Often times you'll need to apply to multiple jobs before getting hired. This can result in a cluttered My Applications page.

Archiving a job moves it to the archived tab of your My Applications page. Archiving an application has no effect on the status or stage of your application.

It's a great way to "get rid of" applications that were declined or when the job applied to has closed, and to have a quick list of applications that are still being considered.

To Archive a Job:


  1. Select the Archive button located beneath the job you'd like to archive


  1. Select the checkbox next to the jobs you'd like to archive
  2. Select Archive near the top of the page

To Unarchive a Job:

  1. Select Archived Jobs
  2. Click the Unarchive button below the job you'd like to unarchive