Hiring and Onboarding new employees in Workpop is quick and easy. Our fully digital process means that you don’t have to print and shuffle paper forms back and forth with new employees. Everything is self-contained, trackable, and safely stored.

There are two ways to onboard a new employee. The first is to onboard someone that you hired through Workpop. The second is to onboard someone that was hired outside of Workpop, such as a referral hire.

Onboarding a Workpop Applicant

When you find a candidate that you love, click the green Hire button.


This will move the candidate to your “New Hires” section of Onboarding and bring you to the New Hire screen where the candidate’s Name and contact info will already be pre-populated with the information from their profile. These fields can be edited here if you need to make updates.

 Onboarding an Employee Not Hired via Workpop


From the Home Dashboard:

  1. Select the New Hires icon
  2. Click the Add Employee button in the top right hand corner of the page.
  3. This will take you to the New Hire Form, which will be blank.  You will need to manually enter the applicant's information.

Entering Employee Details

Applicants hired via Workpop or externally will need to have the following fields completed in order to have documents issued to them.


You’ll be taken to the document issuance page when you click on the Submit button.


All roles/titles, locations and departments must be manually added to your account before they appear in the new hire dropdown menu. To add an item, go to your Company Settings page, select Manage Locations, Manage Titles, or Workplace Departments, and click Add.

Issuing Documents

  1. On the issuance page, select the documents you'd like to issue.  
    • The Issue button will turn to a green Included button.



  2. Once you’ve selected all of the documents and forms that you need for the new hire to complete, click Sign and Send and you will be directed to sign any forms that require a Hiring Manager’s signature.
    • The employee will get an email with a link that will take them to Workpop to complete their paperwork.
  3. Clicking Finish will take you back to the Onboarding screen.
    • You will noticed that the new hire  has been moved to “In Progress.” You can now track their progress with the blue progress bar.
  4. Once you have issued a candidate their onboarding documents, you can track their progress, “nudge” them to send a reminder that they need to complete the documents, revoke the offer, or resend a previous offer.


For more detailed instructions on issuance and to learn how Issue Documents at any other time besides the initial onboarding go here.

 Track an Offer

From your Home dashboard:

  1. Select New Hires
  2. In the left hand menu, select the In Progress section
  3. These are all employees who have active offers in progress
  4. The green to blue progress bar shows you how they are progressing
  5. If you click on their name, you will be able to see which of the documents they have and have not completed


Nudge a Candidate

To remind a candidate that they have incomplete documents, you can use the Nudge feature:

  1. Select the three-dot action menu (...) next to their name and click Nudge
        • This will send them an email letting them know that their paperwork is incomplete


When a candidate has completed their new hire packet, they will automatically be placed in the Review and Finalize section. This is where you will verify their identification and sign any forms that require a hiring manager’s signature. Read more about finalizing a new employee’s paperwork here.

Revoke a Sent Offer

If you change your mind about a new hire, you can revoke their offer letter as long as they haven’t already been made an Active Employee.

  1. If they are in the 'In Progress' or 'Review and Finalize' stage, click the three dot action menu (...) next to their name.
  2. Select Revoke Hire from the options menu and confirm that you would like to revoke their offer.
  3. The new hire will receive an email letting them know their offer has been revoked and next time the new hire visits Workpop, they’ll be alerted of this as well.
  4. The candidate will be moved back into the pool of applicants. If you do not wish to resend the offer, you can move them to declined. 


When you decline an applicant, they will not be able to re-apply for the same position, though they can apply to other job posts for your company.


Resend a Revoked Offer

If you make a mistake in the employee’s new hire paperwork, you can revoke the original offer and re-send to the employee by finding their name in your list of applicants.

  1. Click into their application and click the green Hire button
        • Alternatively, click the three-dot action menu next to their name and select Hire
  2. Follow the steps here to complete their on-boarding

Terminate an Employee

When an employee is no longer active, you can terminate them in Workpop and archive their employee profile. To do so, you can follow these steps:

From your Home dashboard:

  1. Click on the Employees icon
  2. Search for the employee you’d like to terminate
  3. Click on the three dots (...) to the right of their start date, and select Terminate


      • Alternatively, you can terminate them via their Employee Profile by selecting the pink Terminate button: