Candidate Resources and Tools

Win in today's competitive talent market with the best candidate experience, start to finish.

Workpop started with a mission of helping everyone find a job they love. As a result, we’ve created an easy, interactive, and transparent relationship with our users.  

Applicants Can Easily Manage Applications

Candidates can edit their resume and contact info, or withdraw their application at any point by logging into their account. They can also archive old applications to stay organized and keep current ones in full view. And they can use their printed Workpop profile as a hard copy of their resume to bring to interviews.


Learn more about application management for candidates here.

We Provide Transparency to Job Seekers

44% of candidates say they would be deterred from applying to a job if there were not a way to follow up on their application status. Workpop gives them full transparency into whether their application has been read, favorited or declined, as well as the time of the last login of the hiring manager -- so there’s little doubt as to where they stand. They can also see how many other people have applied (within a range), so they understand how competitive the role is.


The Employer Response Score also indicates to a candidate how active and responsive Hiring Managers are. Learn more about maintaining a Very Good Response Score here.

Candidates Receive Personalized Peer Feedback

Workpop’s unique Application Feedback feature lets candidates share their application to the Workpop Community forum so that fellow job seekers and employers can comment on how to improve it. Over 95% of submissions receive a response, and often, multiple people weigh in to help. With encouraging words and helpful feedback, Workpop benefits candidates - even if they don’t get hired on the platform.


Check out our Community Forum and Application Feedback when you get a chance!

Candidates Have a Chance to Learn

Workpop’s Community forum includes much more than just Application Feedback. With sections devoted to Career Advice, Job Interviews, Resources & Reads, “Ask An Employer”, Success Stories and more, Workpop Community is devoted to helping people receive helpful, timely advice as they navigate the process of searching for and applying to jobs. Workpop is unique among Applicant Tracking Systems for providing this opportunity for feedback to job seekers.

Candidates Get Customer Support

Workpop’s Customer Support team isn’t just for employers. Candidates have their own dedicated section in our Help Center and can email Customer Support at any time -- and one of our friendly support team members based in our Santa Monica, CA headquarters will get back to them within 24 hours, and often much sooner.