At Workpop we want to help you find the right candidate, every time. Adding custom screening questions is a great way to automatically filter candidates during the application process. Customize your application by requesting schedule availability, adding custom questions, and even survey applicants to determine their Work Opportunity Tax Credit eligibility.

Schedule Availability

Adding this attachment allows you to easily request the schedule availability of your candidates. As you receive candidates, you'll see on their application what days/times they are available to work for you.


WOTC Eligibility   

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) is a Federal tax credit available to employers for hiring candidates from certain target groups. Adding this attachment to your application process allows you to easily collect WOTC information for each applicant. You'll get everything needed to populate the IRS 8850 form as well as an estimate of the maximum credit each candidate would be eligible for, visible right on their application. 




Learn more about the WOTC eligibility survey here.

Custom Questionnaire

This attachment allows you to add custom questions to your application process, so you can request the information you need to make a great hiring decision. You can ask a variety of questions, ranging in style from multiple choice to long form text, with the option to automatically disqualify candidates based on their responses.


These questions and answers will be visible directly on the candidate's application, allowing you to determine quickly who is the best fit for the role.



Learn more about creating a custom questionnaire here.